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Do you have AC in your trailers?

Yes, being in the south and on the east coast, it's just impossible to enjoy the outdoors around here without AC for 9 months of the year. For that reason, we have decided to make AC standard equipment on all of our trailers. Our AC units are standard 5000 btu window air conditioner units which we mount in the center galley cabinet. AC units work by pulling in outside air and heating it up with the heat removed from the inside air. The hot air is exhausted to the outside, usually through the window the unit is installed in. Since we don't have a window and we don't want the unsightly AC unit sticking out of our trailer, we have built a custom shroud that is installed around the AC unit and pulls the cold air from an outside intake vent on the drivers side into the unit, and exhausts the hot air out an exhaust port on the passenger side of the camper. It is important, that if you have a roof top tent installed, to make sure it unfolds to the driver side of the trailer, otherwise the hot AC exhaust will be right under the floor of the tent.

We do give you an option to not have AC. In that case you gain a full size cabinet with raised panel door in the center instead.


Can I customize my trailer beyond what you have available on your ordering page?

Sure, give us a call, we'll see what we can do.


What about a bath room?

We do offer an optional outside shower hatch. This hatch flips up and provides a quick access point to connect the hand held shower and provides a cold/hot mixing valve.

If you must have the comfort of a toilette there are several camp toilette options available. Many of which can be stored in the front tongue box and taken out when needed. Partner Steel Inc makes a very well made unit available in our store.


How about privacy?

Our campers do come with a security curtain on each door that can be closed to keep prying eyes out. Some people install mini blinds over the door opening, but we tend to get tangled up in them, we find a curtain works great.

Camping in a teardrop camper does have it's challenges. The biggest issue to overcome is where do you change your clothes. You can either do it inside while seated on the mattress, if you are nimble enough; at the bath house if you are at a camp ground; or if you use it like we do and really go out in the wilderness you will not have any neighbors and you can just change out in the open. Other options include the roof top tent annex, which gives you small area under the tent's overhang with side walls for changing, using the potty, etc. For a larger area, the ARB awning can be equipped with side walls giving you a full 8' by 8' walled area.


Is the fridge and stove removable?

Yes, each can be easily removed from the trailer and used elsewhere.


How well are your trailers insulated?

The floor and roof of our trailers are insulated with 1.5" foam insulation board. The estimated R values of our trailer components are:

Sidewalls R1
Roof R8.3
Floor R8.5


How long will the battery run the fridge, fans, and lights?

The fridge, fans, and LED lights have extremely low power requirements. You can add up what you think you will use and compare that with your batteries capacity which is measured in "amp-hours"

Fantastic Fan on low ~ 1.15A
Fridge ~ 2.7A
LED lights ~ .25A per light
Rigid LED Scene ligths ~ .75A
Circulation Fan ~.25A

The calculations involved in figuring out how long a battery will last is very complex, the best way to do it is with an online calculator like the one here.

Using the link above and the capacity of our standard battery:

1 amp hour rate:68.2
100 amp hour rate:110
20 amp hour rate:105
3 amp hour rate:85
5 amp hour rate:86
6 amp hour rate:87.4
8 amp hour rate:90

you can run your fridge and circulation fan (2.95A) continuously for 34 hours before draining the battery. However, you should try to avoid draining the battery below 50%, this would bring your total time on battery to about 17hrs before the battery should be recharged.

Our dual battery option will double your amp hour capacity, and our solar option will allow you to keep your battery charged when you are not connected to power.


What power options do your trailers have?

Each of our trailers come standard with a complete 12v and 120v system. The 120v system is fed via a 30A marine/rv type twist receptacle, simply plug it into either a 30A RV site power source, a generator, or any 15A or 20A power source. The 120v source will power the entire camper, being converted down to 12v by the Power Center. While it's plugged in, it also has a smart battery charger which will charge your house battery.

When boon-docking without power, your camper will run off the house battery. Only the 12v systems will work while running on the battery. The air conditioner, battery charger, and 120v duplex outlets will not work while operating off the 12v system.


What gas mileage can I expect when towing a BR95?

This depends on a number of factors: your driving style, your vehicle, where you are driving, etc. In our experience pulling a fully loaded BR95XOR with a factory Jeep JK Unlimited we get 12 to 14 miles per gallon. A Jeep JKU with 35" tires and 3" lift will bring it down to 11 to 12. Both of these scenarios include the Roof Top Tent on the trailer which brings the MPG down considerably due to it rising up above the envelope of the jeep and acting as a wind break.


What is so special about how you construct your trailers?

Our camp trailers are built by hand using parts that we CNC machine. Having CNC machined parts allows us to build the main structure quickly and accurately using very precise tolerances.

RV's are generally built with weight savings as the number 1 goal. While we are also concerned with weight, we do not let it interfere with having a quality product that will hold up to the demanding situations we subject our trailers to.

For example...

We build each of our chassis by hand, and use very strong tubular steel. While much heavier than traditional RV frames, they are not dragging theirs across rocks on the White Rim trail like we do.

Water infiltration is always a concern with RVs. There is a saying that it's not if water leaks, it's when. We take many steps to insure that your unit is as water tight as possible before it leaves our facility. We begin by taping joints using butyl sealing tape. This heavy duty butyl rubber tape is similar to duct tape but much thicker and provides a water proof joint at the seams. On top of this we apply aluminum trim with butyl caulking tape under the screws. The butyl caulking tape seals the screw holes. We then seal both sides of the aluminum trim with Pro Flex crystal clear sealant. All roof top openings get this same treatment with an additional lap sealant application. Owning a GFA trailer is not much different than owning an RV, it is an exercise in maintenance and being vigilant of any issues. Inspecting caulking and joints, looking for leaks, maintaining seals, and properly winterizing and storage of the unit is paramount in heading off any issues before they become major issues. We do not use silicon caulking of any kind in the trailer, silicone will not stick to silicone, so it is very hard to re-caulk an area if you use silicone. The caulking we use can be reapplied over itself. If you have ever had to de-caulk an RV before, you can appreciate this little attention to detail.

We use very heavy duty drawer slides and box-jointed drawer carcasses with 12mm (1/2") sides and 6mm (1/4") bottoms. A box jointed drawer is much stronger than the stapled together drawers you'll find in an RV. Each of our drawers are rated to hold 100 lbs of weight. While our larger slide outs can handle 500 lbs. The larger slides also provide a Lock in and a Lock out feature so the drawers remain where you want them.to

All wiring throughout the trailer is marine grade wire with water proof connectors. Each circuit is sized generously for it's intended purpose. We do not try get by with much smaller and cheaper wire.

All plumbing in the trailer is done with standard stainless steel water connector hoses. You can find replacement parts in any hardware store and repairs only require a minimal set of tools.

Most RVs manufactures provide you with the cheapest battery to get by with which you will quickly replace. We provide you with a quality AGM Group 31 deep cycle marine battery. This single battery will meet the needs of most campers, we do offer an optional dual battery setup which will double the amp hour capacity.


Are your trailers secure?

Each BR95 trailer comes standard with:
Locking entry doors with keyed lock and dead bolt.
Locking storage box on the tongue.Locking water fill hatch.
Locking galley hatch.


Any issues with mold and mildew inside the trailer?

All RV's have potential issues with mold and mildew if subjected to moist atmosphere and are closed up for periods of time. We try to mitigate that by providing a 12v brush-less circulation fan that can run 24 hours a day while in storage to help circulate air through the closed up storage bay and hatch areas. We also place desiccant bags through out the camper while being stored. These bags adsorb moisture out of the air; without moisture, mold and mildew cannot thrive.

Here are the desiccant bags we use. It is very important that you do not store any wet items in the trailer for long periods of time. Once mildew or mold starts taking hold it is very difficult and costly to remove.


Does your fridge work on 12v?

The Indel B TB51 12v/1120v refrigerator is a true refrigerator which uses a Danfoss compressor. It is very efficient and will run off the 12v system in the trailer without any issues. Since the fridge is in an enclosed area with minimal air flow around it when the hatch is closed, we include a 12v brushless fan that pulls air around the compressor and circulates it through the under bed storage area. This does double duty to provide air circulation in the storage area to help mitigate any mold/mildew issues common with RV storage bays.


What is the water capacity of the XOR95 and EC95?

We provide a 10 gallon water tank as standard equipment on the XOR95 and EC95 trailers. Situating it directly above the axles distributes the weight where it is best handled. We can add up to 2 additional 21 gallon auxiliary tanks under the frame with skid plates for a total of 52 gallons of capacity.  Keep in mind that 50 gallons of water is 400lbs of additional weight, so be sure that your tow vehicle can handle that additional weight before filling it up.


What kind of camp stove do you recommend?

If you plan to store your stove in the Stove Box, you are limited to a space which is 4" tall, 16" wide, and 22" long. We designed the space to fit the Partner Steel Inc.'s 22" Stove perfectly. In our opinion there is simply no better expedition stove on the market. This stove, and all Partner stoves, simply work, and work in all conditions. You can simmer as low as you want to go and you can boil water with abandon. The included windscreen is a big help and they can be swung out of the way for use with large pots.You can use any camp stove you want and have other options of storing it. You can place it in the Stove Box Drawer which has 5 1/2" d x 14 3/4" x 19" internal dimensions. However, this drawer is really nice for storing all your cooking essentials so you would have to find another place for that stuff.

You can always store your stove on the counter top during travel and move it to the stove box pull out during use.


Can my tow vehicle charge the trailer battery while towing?

Charging the trailer battery from the tow vehicle while driving is possible. We have found that the trailer harness wiring provided in the standard 7 way trailer plug is inadequate to provide enough voltage to the trailer battery to keep up with the demand of the fridge. This is due to the voltage drop along the length of wire going from your vehicle battery to the house battery. What we provide is an optional charging circuit which involves a much thicker 6 AWG charging wire that is connected to your tow vehicle's battery directly with heavy duty Anderson Power connectors at the hitch. It includes a charge isolator solenoid which only charges the trailer while the vehicle is running, this keeps your tow vehicle battery from being drained when not in use. With charging circuit in place, you can rest easy knowing your fridge will remain on during long trips and will always have a full charge on your house battery when you arrive. If you find that you will need additional battery life, we do offer a dual battery option.


Can the roof fan operate with a roof top tent in place?

Absolutely. The roof rack is designed to be high enough to allow the fan to open adequately. The fan automatically stops opening when it comes in contact with the bottom of the tent.


How many people does a XOR95 or EC95 sleep?

The XOR95 and EC95 have a queen size bed in the cabin, this sleeps 2 adults comfortably. With the optional roof rack installed coupled with a roof top tent, you can increase the sleeping capacity to 4 or 5. We have 3 children aged 9 to 13, and they all are very comfortable in the roof top tent. Another option to increase sleeping capacity is the ARB awning with side walls. This gives an enclosed 8' x 8' area next to the trailer.


How much storage do your trailers have?

The XOR95  and EC95 line of trailers all have the options:

Under bed storage area. This area is accessed via an electric lift, just push a button and the bed rises up out of the way allowing you to access a 13 cubic foot storage bay. We pack lawn chairs, umbrellas, camp tables, fishing rods, outdoor carpet, and multiple other items under the bed. For safety reasons, the switch for raising and lowering the bed is located in the galley. (optional on EC95)

Front tongue locking storage box. A locking truck style aluminum box is standard on the front of each unit. This box is used to house the battery, but there is plenty of space left over for storage. We usually store the electrical shore power cords, water hoses, wheel chocks, etc. in this box.

Galley Drawers. The galley contains a number of drawers which all have 100lb heavy duty full extension slides on them
1 6" x 15 5/8" x 20" drawer in the Stove Box
4 4" x 18.5" x 20" drawers in center cabinet
1 8" x 18.5" x 20" drawer in the center cabinet

Galley Cabinets
1 Spice shelf in the Sink Box to hold salt and pepper shakers and spice containers
2 Pantry cabinets, one smaller open cabinet with dowel retainer rod to hold smaller items, one larger with cabinet doors to store canned goods, etc.

Cabin Cabinets
2 cabinets with raised panel cabinet doors.
1 overhead storage shelf with USB charging station. Perfect place to store your cell phone.


What type of suspension do you use?

All of our trailers use the award-winning Timbren Axle-less suspension systems. These suspension systems were designed for use in overland and expedition trailers. The ride is unsurpassed and the fact that there is no axle means that there is nothing to hang up on a stump or rock on the trail. In our opinion, there is nothing better out there.


Where are you located?

We are in Fuquay Varina North Carolina, just south of Raleigh. RDU airport is about 20 minutes away.


Can I customize my trailer beyond what you have available on your ordering page?

Sure, give us a call, we'll see what we can do.


How long will it take to build my trailer?

You can expect about 30 days before your unit makes its way to the beginning of the production line, then another 2 months before it's finished. This is only an estimate and can be influenced by a number of factors. All orders are fulfilled in the order that they are received, and we will make every attempt at getting your unit completed as quickly as possible.


Will you deliver my trailer?

We recommend that you personally pick up your trailer so we can go over it's features with you and provide you with an opportunity to do a "walk through" and identify any issues that may need to be addressed before the unit leaves our facility. If you absolutely want the unit delivered, give us a call, we will be happy to work with you and 3rd party delivery companies to get the unit to you. We may even delivery it ourselves depending on where you live.


How do I order a trailer?

You can order a customized camping trailer directly from our web store. You can select your base model and then choose any options you would like. Once you have it configured, you can place your order by going through the check out process. 

  • You configure your trailer in our online store
  • You complete the checkout process and choose:
    • "Free Pickup at GFA Location - $0.00" as the shipping option
    • "Cash On Delivery " as the payment option
  • As soon as your order is placed your spot is reserved in the production line for up to 30 days
  • We will email you back, usually within 24 hours, with a detailed invoice and a purchase agreement which you can sign online.
  • A 50% deposit in the form of a certified check, money order, or wire transfer is required for us to begin work on your trailer.
  • Once we receive your deposit and purchase agreement we will begin building your unit.
  • Once your unit is complete, we will notify you that it is ready to be picked up or delivered.
  • The remainder of the payment is due within 30 days of unit completion and prior to delivery.
  • Upon delivery, or prior, you will receive a registration packet with everything you will need to register your trailer with local DMV and get it insured.


What if I cancel my trailer order?

It depends on when in the process you cancel your order:

  • Before we receive your 50% deposit AND signed purchase agreement.
    We will cancel your order and you will not be subject to any fees.

  • After we receive your 50% deposit AND signed purchase agreement, but before your trailer is in the production line.
    If you wish to cancel your order any time after we receive your deposit and purchase agreement, we will return your deposit minus a 10% cancellation fee.

  • After your trailer is in the production line.
    If you wish to cancel your order any time after we have begun construction, we will return your deposit minus a 25% cancellation fee.

  • After your trailer is complete.
    If you wish to cancel your order after we've built it, you will forfeit your deposit.


What is your Affiliate Program?

GFA Trailers Online Store affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises GFA Trailers Online Store or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 5%.


What is the commission rate?

The current Affiliate Commission Rate is 5%.


When/how do Affiliates get paid?

The affiliate program is automatic and you will be credited for sales at the time the sale is finalized. Commission payments will be made no earlier than 30 days after a valid completed transaction. This is to allow time for returns/cancellations. You may receive your commission by Paypal, Check, or direct bank transfer per your Affiliate settings.


Can my commission be canceled?

Yes, please see our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions for more information.

Some of the reasons where a transaction may be canceled are:

  • Customer Behavior

    • Payment authorization failed
    • Fraudulent sale
    • Returned order or unclaimed shipment
    • Repeated order
    • Canceled order

  • Affiliate Behavior

    • Fraudulent transaction
    • Test transaction
    • Self-referral


How do I become an Affiliate?

Click the Affiliates link on the bottom of this page to sign up. Affiliate accounts are not connected to your GFA Trailers customer account, both require separate logons.


Do you pay commission on your custom built trailers?

Absolutely. If you bring us a customer who purchases a custom built item, whether it be a camping trailer, a chuck box, or any other item we sell, you will receive a commission. Please read our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions in it's entirety for very important information.